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SuperStarmations's News

Posted by SuperStarmations - 1 month ago

I've seen a lot of people creating new accounts and moving here, it's a opportunity for many artists (on DeviantArt, Twitter, and Newgrounds), and you know what's good? you can now post your Videos, Musics, and Games, man... it's good to have this old site back in flash (and for everyone who misses it so damn much)

So if you want to go and follow me to see my latest works, then i'll be appreciated for new followers on SA! :3

Here's my SA profile & go follow me there:




Posted by SuperStarmations - July 17th, 2021

Yooo!!!! there's a rebrand of SheezyArt developed by rytoonist, it's been years since this site shut down due to failures of bringing it back at some point since the lack of access to the files & unable to restore, and now this year it's now finally rebranded with new experiences, the rebrand site could be possitive but not as positive as the dead site but now has supporter so you can customize your CSS in your page, well... i don't since patreon went to shit for me, well in the future i'm pretty sure i'll become a supporter if i get in touch with patreon hopefully.

So anyways... JOIN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!! --> https://sheezy.art

Here's my SheezyArt Page if you want to follow me here:





Posted by SuperStarmations - June 8th, 2021

Yoooooo, check out Snoops's Twitter & DeviantArt!, his arts are adorbs i can't even stop talking about it!!!!! :DDDDD

SNOOPS' TWITTER: https://twitter.com/VerticalSnoop

SNOOPS' DEVIANTART: https://www.deviantart.com/nuggeting




Posted by SuperStarmations - January 16th, 2021

Hey what's up peeps, so i'm making an update of my neocities website, so i've been adding new features to the site "header, banners, navigation bars, nostalgic icon arts for my art section, and also my character on the right bottom of the website but still needs fixes though. also i still have to add animations, characters, and blog sections for my website so i'mma have to take major time to build all of these so y'all can keep and eye out for it.

So this is only a beta website so it's still under construction so we will be right with you when the site is fixed and ready to go, so y'all can check this site out if interested!!! ^^

---> https://superstarmations.neocities.org <---

If you want to check this site out here's the link below! (AND SIGN UP NOW!!!)

---> https://neocities.org <---

All catch y'all later peeps!




Posted by SuperStarmations - July 17th, 2020

Okay!... Since July 17, 2015 i've joined DeviantArt to discover anime arts and video game fanarts (Mario, Sonic, etc.), and i call my username TheRealStickBlue because i'm the real deal and i draw plenty of semi-cartoons/anime and UW themed doodles, on the web :3 and i started posted my first devious artwork with Sonic The Hedgehog on August 14, 2015 (was drawn in early 2013), it was cool as i thought but looked weird later so i had to remove it, and later on i start to keep posting more arts that i made back from the day i have from storage, and later after i keep practicing my art styles on photoshop touch but then i have other drawing programs i do better on which as Medibang and PaintTool SAI ^^, and i've gotten better at doodles after 2016, and i been doing great at arts on deviantart.

And man... it's been my life since i'm on the internet and deviantart??? it's been like 9 years since i first saw deviantart over 2011 where i searched for Sonic fanarts and SharpXMuffy fanarts (and also first time obsessed with UW themed arts when i first seen most of the Muffy underwater drawings by DaniTheCat97 they were cute!!! ^w^, and later after 2015 it was lost in time...) and i can't believe DeviantArt is most and best art site i can find of!!!

and also it's more than fun discovering arts but discovering deviant artists which i've been known all the time (but not at the same time cuz i can't remember.) and i found few friends i have "Yukirar, Son-Void, DarkNeon-64, Ami-Dark MC-Gemstone, and some others", because they're most and best deviantartists i've seen on the web as i can love!

Well.... I think that's it.... i guess i'll get back on doing some reanimates, projects, commissions, and mini-comic series... and i couldn't forget about these. imma head out and i'll see ya next time! ^^




Posted by SuperStarmations - June 5th, 2020

I noticed Pillowfort is an alternative Tumblr where you can post contents, arts, and nsfw there and if you want to join, you must pay $5 to get an account, or if you want it free, you must request for invite code.

Also since i've joined, i will be posting stuff (and reblogging).





Posted by SuperStarmations - June 2nd, 2020

Sorry, i haven't been uploading any videos on Youtube, so i will be back with animations for real this time at any time, also for now i made a new speedpaint video of Jenny Wakeman (XJ9), so i hope y'all enjoy this video!!! ^^



Posted by SuperStarmations - May 25th, 2020

Hoi it's me again, so i've been doing some works, and organizing on the reanimation project, and also locklegion animation i will work on as of now, but that's not important...

Over 6 months ago I found the site called neocities "also known as yahoo's geocities" which is a 90s/2000s web builder for people to make html/css codings on each sites. And yeah i said before i was gonna make my official site over wix but i only use wix for portfolio and it's still incomplete but instead i use neocities which it's better to build a site which i'm currently working so it will be done over summer or fall 2020 uh... i think...

ALSO here's a teaser of my web if you're interested in.


""Living in the 2000s again!""



Posted by SuperStarmations - December 3rd, 2019

Hello everyone! so i'm making an update on Tainted Legacy and my arts/projects of the future and in 2020 i will do more of the stuff i'm productive of and moving on to new treasures and fortunes.

Tainted Legacy will be a WEBTOON Canvas, cuz i'm not doing original because i'm not making every episodes for the series, i'm just gonna make it a canvas cuz i'm doing a mini-comic for the series since i haven't done comic stuff for a long time so in the future i will draw each of the comics if i can as possible, and also the first comic of TL will be on February 2020, and i hope you keep and eye on, and thank you for your patients! ^^

- I'll be making a new character for SVTFOE which in alternative universe for the series and i was gonna make my oc magical like the liquid & water magic so i call her Fluid "Diaz" Butterfly which she's a water princess who's from mewni and she's cute & cool, and she is obsessed fan of "Sonic The Hedgehog" (apparently... but from another universe i guess), and also i have some personal information of her that she has brown hair, a mole, fish cheekmark, a sea foam uniform, and a bubble wand, and yeah that's pretty much it, so i'll have to make a reference of her as possible as i can.

- I will do a Switch-Around soon so i'll have to find two artists to collaborate with me but i'll have to make two slots in order to find and accept, but whenever they're ready i will send a file & it's gonna take a lot if sketching, line tracing, and coloring, but i'm ready when you are. :)

- I'm planning to host Collab for the future and if it's possible, but i'll have some information, examples, and deadlines and also i need most of the animators or artists for the collab but it's gonna be a big collab for everyone, but i have to schedule what time of the day, what we gonna do it, when to do it. So i'll set-up all the stuff for the collab whenever you're ready for, and it'll all be prepared so i very hope you're patient for this! ^^

So hope y'all understand and i will do plenty of stuff soon and focusing on illustrations and future animations. (especially advent calendar 2019, but will be working on it :3)

+ my supporter membership got expired so wtf.

anyways, see ya next time!~




Posted by SuperStarmations - September 15th, 2019

So yeah, a few days ago i got banned on youtube from my main channel because it was brand, and as so you know i had this channel since February 9, 2016 as just before i started animating and posting some videos that was which it's unrelated to my channel. so some of these vids are in my channel are gameplays and one is a getto one, but it could get more weirder but i attempted not doing that again. (but i will still do video game stuff, maybe.)

So in this new channel, i call it "SuperStarmations" because the channel is used for upcoming animations, speedpaints, and announcements, and also there will be a collab soon! (if possible.)



I will post new videos soon, so stay tuned!~