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SuperStarmations's News

Posted by SuperStarmations - January 28th, 2018

For a few months I want to make a discord server on public and I was organizing the server cuz I have to add channels, groups, member roles, and the rules, and now i'm quite finished with the server and now y'all can join.

Well I'll be watching but I can still be online for a while and I got something else to do with my stuff before I start going on chat and some bullshit, I dunno...

also here's the link for the server :P


Posted by SuperStarmations - December 24th, 2017

Ya know 2017 was a lame year for me and 2018 will be better (and also 2016 was the best year, until everything flipped...)

Also this is christmas and i'll be celebrating soon and i made some animation entry on A Merry Lockmas and somehow i can do shit like everything im doing for stuff and just for that and im not an asshole for this collab and i'll be making christmas artwork and i gotten smart and i got super stupid/gay well not much but christmas is going well and it's for my friends and family and just for stuff i done for them and everyone!

Also here's a video of my entry for the collab!

Happy Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :D

Posted by SuperStarmations - December 17th, 2017

In 2015, i created a website and i had a life within the illusion movement and i might of changed it and right now i'll change it back up now and have my new website and i have to update a website and forum, yeah... i was about 21 through 22 years old but i'm kind of stupid about it since i was going to make my own stuff while back and because of that i've doing too many sites that i've haven't done but i'm not about to waste my entire time starting now.

I'm think im bout to do Wix "It's a website builder when it's easy to make but if you want to put on domain, you can be a premium and buy to make ads or logo disappear and like that." it's easy for me to make and i'll give it a try on it.

It's gonna take me months to make a website... because i have to add pages, arts, animations, and other stuff i have and some how i can put affiliates to get avaliable sites on my stuff and my old times that i was about to do on time but i'm not kind of stupid or retarded and i helped a lot of people, and just then i'm planning to get my life on track in 2018, and somewhat i bout to be a pro

just keep an eye on the website very soon!


-Nano Sico (IvoAluminum)

Posted by SuperStarmations - December 4th, 2017


Thank you for 1K subs and i feel loved that i did some stuff before 2016 was a best year until everything flipped, wow... i'll forget about all that :P

I gotten 1,000 subscribers, i am famous, i'm like Will Smith wannabe, people know me, and i'm all around the world, but i really thought it was cool and awesome how i can upload videos and people actually see em. and welll it's much better than vid.me (but also vid.me is closing down and it made me upset...) whatever...

Thank you everyone, and enjoy.

Posted by SuperStarmations - December 1st, 2017

Yeah, I'm on somewhat LockLegion forum/website but it was official since 2003 but i have my LL account but you could see it here on:



Posted by SuperStarmations - November 19th, 2017

They updated and created a forum where v10 is newer than v9 but... i'm registered today and i'm making references, but i made up my own lock name: Stick-BlueLock, he looks like my oc on every art. but i would have to animate LL by the time but i'm doin fine with LL and just for that i'll make new friends on the froum.

anyway. Join now! :D

Posted by SuperStarmations - November 5th, 2017

I made a Trailer just to make it me some special event, and vhs look is the way i can do with reels by that time and everything what is like and some stuff i have collections. WHATEVER...

I hope you like it!


Posted by SuperStarmations - November 2nd, 2017

I made the animation but I didn't have time to make a fanart right now cuz it's midnight.

Here's the Video!

Happy 15th Birthday @RGPAnims and he's a big boy! :D

Posted by SuperStarmations - October 29th, 2017


Vidlii finally god it site up! go and see now If you dare! >8P You know guys, Vidlii is like a themed old YouTube in 2006/2009/2012 and some other designed But Vidlii's Themes and Colors looks actually radical.


Posted by SuperStarmations - October 17th, 2017

Can't believe another sonic collab is coming soon! also i'm about to do a thumbnail soon... but i'll still do my entry, well maybe an intro soon.

Here are Examples::

   1. Mania Celebration Collab (Hosted by Sario350)

   2. Sonic Oddshow Mania (Hosted By DevyAnimates)

   3. Sonic Advance Oddshow Collab (Hosted by ZackEXE)

Enjoy joining those collab! :3