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SuperStarmations's News

Posted by SuperStarmations - September 7th, 2018

Hi, it's me IVO "again".... so for my last two server wasn't going active and update but there's some problems with my channels so i came up with my new server and i know how to fix my channels so people don't complain about this mess so, I made my new and updated server that is active and it's "IVO's OpenHub", and yeah... added a couple of my friends there and some people join in and i added some moderators there that they're responsible to do that but i know how i know someone to mod :3 and also this server is kinda quite and stuff but some new stuff going on, but i can tell y'all, it's very entertainment there with all the artworks and announcements and self promotions and all kind of stuff that is in that server so it's pretty fun there, so i can tell that too. well... i'mma have to put a link to it in order to join my server if interested so i know everybody tho :3


enjoy! and have fun!

Posted by SuperStarmations - July 2nd, 2018

Well i'm thinking of doing refsheet over a weekend and i added two of my characters "StickBlue and Ovina" on my profile, and well i have to add more of my characters in this, and so maybe i'll add a couple of my characters, and that will be nice if i'm interested, and well that's what i have to do in the future...

Oh and here's my refsheet.net profile if you'd like to see:


Posted by SuperStarmations - June 13th, 2018

I'm selling my wallpapers on gumroad but if anyone's interested in buying this you can view add it on to your desktop wallpaper, but they're copyrighted by me, so i must warn you not to publish on other sites something like it, tho

also there's 11 wallpapers on files in gumroad, and also here's a banner of 4 wallpapers previews, but it's blury tho, so whatever, so here's the link to it.



Posted by SuperStarmations - June 10th, 2018

This is the day everyone, a day where special happens that it's my birthday, and now i'm 24, and so i'd like to y'all thank you and wish me happy birthday, but anyway maybe we should celebrate it! but... i'd like the fanart of me and my ocs tho, if y'all interested :3, welp... it's gonna be a big day for me tho!

so enjoy! :D


Posted by SuperStarmations - May 5th, 2018

Today is the fifth of may, and today we're celebrating Pico Day, and everyone keeps poting their piece like arts, animations, and all stuff they're posting on pico day, and i know i made my piece, and i hope you see it on my userpage or on the art portal, well also i was too lazy to make my pico day animation for today because i was doing something different, like sketches, doodles, or collab entries, and well that is is for today, and i hope you enjoy pico day and have fun!

G'Day folks!


Posted by SuperStarmations - April 26th, 2018

This is my 5th anniversary of IVOanimations (also StickBlueAnimated), and i've been illustrating for 5 years on Photoshop and my other softwares, so i'm still working on my montage but it's gonna be later or tommorow, so this is my whole life since i started doing digital art since i was 18, so i was founded in April 26, 2013 and i started doodling some stickman, sonic, and some other crap and also i was appeared on deviantART since July 17, 2015 well i posted couple of my old arts in 2014 or something and also i don't know why deviantART is really dope but i always go there and until i make friends, and well i just doing some art crap until i started going on Tumblr, SA.n, and Twitter so i just kept using photoshop touch on my mobile device and i also started drawing on my computer since summer 2016 but i also started using Medibang Paint, well i don't care what i'm doing some other stuff when i started going on forum and chat, and it's also fun until i make more friends on NG, dA, and other sites, and i started doing collabs but i also need to start practicing some animation rig techniques, well i also help people a lot with some works and stuff but also after this, i also getting better on some stuff and i studied anatomy, and i also skew because i don't think they don't skew on their animations anymore since 2011 or other years, well i think that's all i got right now i hope you enjoy it and have a nice day! :3


Posted by SuperStarmations - April 24th, 2018

I've been working 5 years of my entire life when i was 18, and now for my 5th anniversary of StickBlueAnimated (formerly IVOanimations or IvoAluminum), i'm making a montage for my anniversary but i have to pull out my old arts but i can use my animations in the montage, but i've been working since 2013 by non-stop hundreds of artworks and tons of animations, i really hope i cannot get late at the time i'm making a montage so, stay tuned!

-IVOanimations 2013-2018


Posted by SuperStarmations - March 26th, 2018

Ahh... just like Youtube 2005, well those frontpage and layout looks terrible but it look like it's 2002 or something but i do not mind

Here's a link for BitView: http://www.bitview.net/

and.... here's my account: http://www.bitview.net/profile.php?user=IVOanimations

Posted by SuperStarmations - March 13th, 2018

Past 3 days ago, i was making a speedpaint of agent 8, so it takes me half an hour to draw this design for cutiesaturday soo.... i'm only using animate cc for speedpainting so i'll start off with procreate and painttool sai, but i need to work something out with my stuff so maybe i'll help so, that is all so i hopefully you like it!

Posted by SuperStarmations - February 14th, 2018

Happy Valentines everybody, ya'll know it's the holiday in the 14th of february where you spend valentines and some other loving stuff like uh... I'll put it to this, ya'll can be someone's valentines or get candy, or take a card for somebody as a friend or your attractions. But you know i attracted to females and i usually draw them just instantly, and i know i'm done with my art i have a valentines artwork around on my accounts but you can find it but i'll put it on NG soon, but that is it and i'm tired already so, have a nice day and Happy Valentines Day 2018....